Time’s Passage


a performance-based

installation by Kevin Baer


August 11th – September 2nd, 2018


Opening Reception :

Saturday, August 11th --- 6-10 pm


Closing Artist Talk :

Sunday, September 2nd --- 3-5 pm





A fragment of tree roots suspended inside a large block of ice blackened with ink.

A visceral expression of time, decay and change.


The hanging mass slowly melts and drips, its volume shifting into the reflecting pool bellow.

A cyclical ritual created for the gallery space.  The art is not a finished object, but something that occurs,

the artist often being present and tending to the process.


Slow, meditative – the piece possesses its own rhythm – to gain an understanding

we must slow down to the melting block’s time.


Ideas of negation and gradual annihilation are expressed through the steady death of the ice mass

and the walls becoming filled with paper blackened by the dripping inky water of the melting ice form.


On Saturdays during the run of the exhibition the artist will be in the gallery space

watching over the artwork and facilitating the cycle.


At the end of the show, as part of the closing artist talk, the works on paper

pigmented by the melting block will be given away to interested viewers.


The artist seeks to offer an experience of being present,

aware of our existence in time and mindful of life’s temporal nature.




       4100 St. Claude Ave. New Orleans, LA

      Hours: SAT and SUN, 12-5 pm


BAER - Time's Passage - SHOW CARD.jpg

Artist Exchange

The FRONT travels to Houston

BOX 13 ArtSpace

January 28 - March 4, 2017


I [love] america and america [loves] me

A group show  - insert statement...

BOX 13 ArtSpace - box13artspace.com

The exhibition was listed on Glasstire.com as one of the top art events in  Texas that opening weekend.

Click here to see it!

Glasstire is an online magazine that covers visual art in Texas. - glasstire.com

White Male Shaman (Search for Self)
Wooden case with objects: wax, salt forms, deer bone, cotton bandanas, pocket knife

White Male Shaman (Search for Self)

Wooden case with objects: wax, felt, straw, wooden cane, dual burner hot plate, pocket knife


Artist Exchange - The FRONT travels to Mexico

January 2016


As part of new membership with The FRONT Artist Collective, I got the opportunity to travel to Mexico City to install group shows at Breve Gallery and the exhibition space of Feral Collective.


FERAL is an artist collective based in Mexico City.  They were extremely gracious hosts and it was a special experience to interact with such an engaged and talented group of artists.



FERAL Collective - somosferal.com


Breve Gallery - galeriabreve.com


Members of The Front and Feral Collective

Sólido, Earth (Hexahedron)  - Tepoztlán soil

Sólido, Fire (Tetrahedron)  -  Fire on paper

Sólido, Water (Icosahedron)  -  Mississippi River water on paper

Ley Lines: Connecting media, process, imagery, and concept across contemporary drawing


National Juried Exhibition  -  October 1 - 29, 2015


Jacksonville State University, Alabama

"This show connects many of the varied aesthetic and conceptual approaches practiced by working visual artists throughout the United States.  Drawings in the exhibition run the gamut of stylistic interpretation, including drawings of a traditional nature as well as those that may challenge assumptions of media, process, imagery, and concept." 



My piece - Presence / Absence VII - was selected by the exhibition awards juror, Emily Sheehan, to receive the award for "Best in Show."



Jacksonville State University Art Blog post about the show


Presence / Absence VII -  charoal powder, chalk dust, organic matter on paper. 28" x 72" x 3"

Water Works Proteus Gowanus Gallery


543 Union Street  -  Brooklyn, NY


May 31 - July 13, 2014


"The title of this exhibition is derived from the board game, Monopoly. It invokes the infrastructures and agencies that deliver water to our sinks and tubs while also serving as a metaphor for tears. But Water Works is not another hard-luck Katrina show. We asked this group of New Orleans artists to consider water in all its complexity and universality. Saucedo further refined the lens to the two topics suggested by the title of the show and the board game it references: namely, infrastructure and emotion."



Curator and Artist: Christopher Saucedo


Artists: Kevin Baer, Gina Phillips, GAS, Laura Gipson, Jessica Goldfinch, Cheryl Hayes, Rachel Jones Deris, Matthew Kirscht, Holger Lang*, Malcolm McClay, Anastasia Pelias, Christopher Saucedo, Dan Tague, Ashley Robbins – Tague, Michel Varisco, Monica Zeringue


*all artists included in this exhibition are working in New Orleans except Holger Lang, from Vienna, Austria.



Website for Proteus / Gowanus gallery

  Horizons (Depth) 

  cotton fabric, black dye, steel, wood.  144" x 32" x 6"

KunstlerInnen der University of New Orleans

Galerie im Andechshof


Innsbruck, Austria


July 2013


Innsbruck Artist Exchange – Selected by graduate faculty to participate in artist exchange program.


Traveled to install an exhibition of my

work alongside artist Ryn Wilson in Innsbruck, Austria.


Awarded by University of New Orleans


  Presence / Absence (continuum) 

  charcoal powder, chalk dust, and organic matter on paper.  144" x 32"